How data analytics is helping marketers?

How data analytics is helping marketers?

Marketing is all about data. Smart marketers rely upon data to design and implement successful marketing strategies. Although data analytics can never replace the creativity, but it can definitely provide an extra edge to the marketers. From marketing mix modelling to commercially-focused ROI approach, data analytics has revolutionised marketing effectiveness measurement.

Let’s explore how data analytics is helping the marketing efforts across the globe:

  1. Optimum Marketing Mix:

Earlier, marketers have to rely on their gut feeling or only to viewership metrics (e.g., GRP) to develop marketing plans. But now, by incorporating marketing mix modelling into their planning process, they can have a clearer insight of the market dynamics. They can now incorporate statistical modelling to measure and evaluate the impacts of various marketing strategies on the overall sales. In other words, it’s now more focused towards the end goal, and shows a path forward ensuring better Return on Investment (ROI). Marketers are now able to connect the outcome (i.e., sales or revenue) to the input (e.g., marketing delivery)

  1. Improved Marketing Fund Management

A marketing campaign backed with right data analytics and ROI measurement, ensures a better return on investments for organisations. This is because the marketers are now able to monitor and optimise the performance of the campaign and thus, can take a better decision on the allocation of a marketing budget.

  1. Precisely defining the customer profiles:

With the detailed customer behavioural data (in store or website), along with purchase data; brands can easily identify which segments are exactly buying their products, when, where, at what price. Brands are able to define the micro segments, sometime getting tinier to even an individual customer and understanding her choice and preferences.

  1. Customer Engagement

With the right data, marketers now know who their customers are. And this knowledge provides them very detailed information regarding the customer and her journey. This includes their purchase decision, their likes and dislikes and how they prefer to be contacted. With proper data, companies and marketers can now analyse how their customers are interacting with their online store or physical store and take steps in improving customer experience.

  1. Improved competitor Analysis

Data analytics also give the organisations and extra edge over their competitors. With advanced social monitoring tools and data analytics, organisations can now gather and analyse essential data about their competitors along with their marketing efforts. Also with the sources of syndicated data (like Nielsen, IRI, Spins) or media and market research data – a significant pool of information is now available. With right data analytics and with a holistic approach, this information can be transformed into very useful competitive advantage.

Data analytics and the new sources of data have revolutionised the art and science of analytics which helps the businesses to challenge and validate their strategies. Hopefully, these points have helped you gain an insight into how data analytics is supporting marketers.

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