Accurately Forecast Sales with Advanced Predictive Analytics

DemandPlanner helps generate accurate sales and demand forecasts for your products and stores, which is enriched with customer & market dynamics. As a category planner, you gain a clear foresight to prepare optimum replenishment and inventory plans.

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Experience superior analytics that employs latest forecasting techniques for smart replenishment planning.
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Take proud ownership of your demand management strategies

Demand Planner provides you with accurate sales forecasts, by estimating impacts of a Wide range of external drivers that influence your product demand. The system makes use of advanced quantitative analytics tools, such as Bayesian regression, machine learning and time series modeling; to develop informed estimates over short and long time periods. Its collaborative features streamline demand planning activities with optimized replenishment and procurement along with inventory management.

  • Demand Forecasting
    Demand Forecasting

    Assess and understand accurately customer demand patterns for your products with the help of advanced predictive analytics models.

  • Inventory Optimization
    Inventory Optimization

    Balance the net working capital that is tied up in the inventory with immaculate data-driven strategies and service-level goals across complete set of SKUs and stores.

  • Complete Sales Intelligence
    Complete Sales Intelligence

    Address business and operational queries arising among cross-functional departments with readily available set of analytical reports in the interactive dashboards.

How it Works?

Demand Planner is a seamless, fully-integrated solution - which extracts data from various system - such as POS, ERP and Online Commerce; to develop sales forecasts and business insights. The web application allows you to view and interpret the insights, as well as download plans for their delegation and execution.

  • Data Consolidation
    Data Consolidation

    We create an all-inclusive database comprising of your previous sales data, along with upcoming festivals, events, weather conditions, consumer trends and holidays into a single demand driver platform.

  • Forecast Generation
    Forecast Generation

    We continuously develop fresh forecasts with sophisticated analytics methodologies (econometrics, machine learning, statistical and pattern mapping) and continuously learning from the data to keep forecasts up-to-date.

  • Planning and Reports
    Planning and Reports

    We develop replenishment and procurement plans for each store or warehouse. A comprehensive set of business reports for sales performance monitoring are also available for your team.

  • Stores
  • Locations
  • SKUs
  • SKUs
  • Locations

Drive your digital transformation with Demand Planner


Right Metrics in Real Time

Comprehend demand patterns to
improve inventory without going out of stock

Demand Planner takes informed business predictions to the next level
of sophistication with predictive data analytics.
The product’s inbuilt database becomes a natural source for business-owner
to build top analytics news, views and best market practices.
While your business model may not come with a promise of continuous
profits only, this tool ensures that you develop products & services right,
while profitable sales figures come naturally to you.

Replenishment Planning
Replenishment Planning

To minimize market/store level inventory witout losing sales opportunities

Sales Planning
Sales Planning

Optimizing for each market/ store for each product

Forecast Model Building
Forecast Model Building

Using advanced econometrics, time series and machine learning techniques

Data Consolidation
Data Consolidation

Identifying right sources and building the database with sufficient history

Drivers Modeling
Drivers Modeling

Analyzing drivers of demand from various internal and external sources

Demand Planner
  • ROI Estimations
  • interactive reports
  • marketing performance analytical reports
  • advanced predictive modeling
  • advanced predictive modeling platform

Revisit procurement ad replenishment plans with smart forecasts

Use Demand Planner to assess the outcomes of previous sales and promotion strategies and build scenarios to foresee the impact of your sales plan. Create optimum mitigation plans as per the possibility of fluctuations in buying trends and influence of external factors.

  • State-of-the-art predictive modeling with applied econometric modeling
  • Decision-enabling tools that add agility to internal processes
  • End-to-end process management with sharable analytics dashboards
  • Completely managed solutions including hosting

Demand Planner with
Quantitative Assessment Models

Discover fresh demand prospects to tap the complete market potential of your products, for you to make accurate pricing and growth decisions.

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Case Studies

A marketer gets to know the impact on sales of all her previous
tactics across vehicles, in a dynamic marketplace with interactions;
and can plan her future tactics on the go effectively as she can view
the possible outcomes.

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